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We are a European Digital Innovation Hub, connecting and helping companies and public organizations to develop through training and independent advice on the use of artificial intelligence and its funding.

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Artificial intelligence helps in various areas of process automation, freeing you from routine work and giving you the opportunity to focus on strategic tasks. It also allows you to analyse large amounts of data faster and more efficiently, uncovering trends or hidden information. It facilitates decision making based on factual data or predictions of future events. By processing and evaluating customer behaviour, AI can create personalised marketing. These are just a few areas out of many where the potential of AI is hidden.


Modern technology and digital innovations improve processes and decision-making in a company, making the company more efficient, competitive, and sustainable. Hopero helps to develop the use of artificial intelligence in small and medium-sized companies, start-ups, and IT companies.

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Innovative governance supports sustainable development and improves the quality of life in cities. Hopero has prepared comprehensive support, ranging from setting the right digitalisation goals and processes, the use of artificial intelligence, to sourcing funding and leveraging it through public procurement.

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In this blog, we look at the last of the key requirements that trustworthy AI systems must meet, which is about accountability and responsible access.
It is important that we are aware of the possible social potential of artificial intelligence, both in a positive and potentially negative sense. Our goal should be the sustainable development of artificial intelligence systems, not only for current but also for future generations.
The fifth requirement for trustworthy artificial intelligence deals with questions that address the problems of social prejudice and fairness, ways to ensure wider accessibility of AI systems, or the issue of obtaining feedback from various affected persons.
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