In this blog, we look at the last of the key requirements that trustworthy AI systems must meet, which is about accountability and responsible access.
It is important that we are aware of the possible social potential of artificial intelligence, both in a positive and potentially negative sense. Our goal should be the sustainable development of artificial intelligence systems, not only for current but also for future generations.
The fifth requirement for trustworthy artificial intelligence deals with questions that address the problems of social prejudice and fairness, ways to ensure wider accessibility of AI systems, or the issue of obtaining feedback from various affected persons.
The fourth requirement requires principles of transparency in the process of development, deployment and use of AI systems.
AI Awards privacy and data governance
The third requirement for trustworthy AI deals specifically with issues relating to privacy and data protection, data quality and integrity, and data access management.
On 7.12.2023 we organized a discussion on "The road to international expansion" with great speakers such as Katarína Šimková (Dealfactory), Michal Lichner (Dexfinity), Andrea Basilová (Sensoneo) and Alexej Makuch (Microstep) also in cooperation with SAPIE.
The requirement requires that AI systems evolve to behave reliably and in the way we originally intended. Put simply, that AI systems do what they are supposed to do while not doing what we don't want them to do.
AI systems help us make better and more efficient decisions. However, it is important that, when developing them, we also think about the extent to which humans are allowed to oversee their proper functioning.
During the autumn ITAPA conference, the announcement and opening of registration for the AI Awards - Trustworthy AI took place. The AI Awards - Trustworthy AI focuses on the importance of developing and deploying trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) systems with ethical standards in mind. Trustworthy AI is a key enabler in the growing world of technology and has impacted various areas of human society.
On 14 and 15 November 2023, in cooperation with the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization (MIRRI) and EIT Urban Mobility, we organized a workshop entitled "Financing Smart Urban Innovations" in Banská Bystrica and Košice.
We finished our regional tour with a visit to Poprad. In the beginning, Robert Mojsej from MIRRI and Martina Slivkova, Head of the Strategic Development Department of PSK, discussed the positive changes and opportunities that the new Operational Programme of Slovakia will bring to the regions and their entrepreneurs. They stressed the new role of the county as a link between the local innovation and education ecosystem.
With the Hopero project, together with another European Centre for Digital Innovation (EDIH) EXPANDI 4.0, we went to the regions and this time we visited the city of Žilina. With the support of our partners Inovia and the University of Žilina, we organised an event to discuss artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, getting funding for digitalisation and how the innovation ecosystem supports entrepreneurs.
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