The path to international expansion

On 7.12.2023 we organized a discussion on "The road to international expansion" with great speakers such as Katarína Šimková (Dealfactory), Michal Lichner (Dexfinity), Andrea Basilová (Sensoneo) and Alexej Makuch (Microstep) also in cooperation with SAPIE.

Is expansion abroad your theme?

Then we hope you didn’t miss our event on this topic yesterday in conjunction with the Christmas party. Our guests were the brilliant mum-of-4 and co-founder of Sensoneo, Andrea Basilova and Alexey Makuch from Microstep, Michal Lichner from Dexfinity and Katarina Simkova from Deal Factory.

If you want to expand and be successful, be sure to get your website right. “95% of our leads are web,” said Andrea.

Alexey shared his experience of selling capital-intensive products in conservative markets, where it is important to develop long-term partnerships with distribution companies integrated in local supply chains.

Are you budgeting for marketing? Definitely don’t do that if you want to expand into foreign markets, said Katarína Šimková of Deal Factory.

Michal Lichner from Dexfinity pointed out the importance of a systematic approach to foreign expansion: from market analysis, through defining sales, channel and marketing strategy, to subsequent implementation according to a see-think-do-care framework.

Are you looking for a business partner or a new cooperation?

After the discussion, we had the opportunity to talk to our clients, SAPIE members and panelists, which we always enjoy and appreciate very much. If you need to network, meet new people, be sure not to miss our networking activities after the event..

THANK YOU for being with us.

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