We finished the regional tour in Poprad

We finished our regional tour with a visit to Poprad. In the beginning, Robert Mojsej from MIRRI and Martina Slivkova, Head of the Strategic Development Department of PSK, discussed the positive changes and opportunities that the new Operational Programme of Slovakia will bring to the regions and their entrepreneurs. They stressed the new role of the county as a link between the local innovation and education ecosystem.

In the second discussion, local entrepreneurs Tomáš Kuzár from Coworking Poprad, Tomáš Barnáš from Overhead4D, Dušan Brejka from Reactoo and Marek Môcik from Creanet highlighted their experiences with state grants, which in the past were too bureaucratically demanding, but at the same time highlighted non-financial forms of support such as innovation missions abroad, or support for education and setting pro-innovation legislative and tax rules. They named the return of talent from abroad, the creation of links within the local community and the importance of global ambitions for regional businesses as important factors for the development of regional innovation. They also shared their experiences of how AI is already making it easier for them to do business today.

Michal Muhl and Juraj Popovič then presented Hopero and Expandi 4.0 services and their relevance for entrepreneurs, whom they can help in several ways: by educating their people, expert consultation, networking and preparing for upcoming challenges. Matej Barvirčák developed the last topic in more depth with concrete examples of challenges that are planned to be launched during this year.

Networking was also an integral part of the meeting, which enriched the participants with quality new contacts and meetings with experts from practice and experienced entrepreneurs.

Please visit our Hopero website https://www.hopero.sk/eventy/ for the next events.

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