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Webinar: What’s next with the implementation of the AI Act

New technologies are undoubtedly having an impact on our daily lives – in business, at home, in schools, in the public sector. They present immense new opportunities but also challenges that need to be addressed. In adopting the regulations to protect consumers, markets and financial stability, it is therefore important to strike a balance, not to over-regulate and to ensure that we adopt rules that encourage innovation and further development. 

One of the most recent pieces of legislation passed by the European Parliament is the AI Act, the world’s first AI law. It is expected to come into force within a few months. What’s behind the AI Act and what are the open questions that still need to be addressed? How can the AI Act help us tap into the potential of AI while ensuring that users and business are adequately protected? How will the AI Act be implemented  and what are the minimum requirements? What does the new regulation mean for SMEs and start-ups and how does it affect innovation in businesses? 



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