The Spot, Bottova 2/A Bratislava
17:30 -
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How to Boost FinTech Ecosystem in Slovakia? 

Do you work on disruptive fintech innovation? Are you interested in the future of the Slovak FinTech ecosystem? Are you interested in how the government can support the development of the FinTech environment? Are you interested in cryptoassets and crypto policy in general? The EU’s new Markets in Cryptoassets Regulation (MiCA) creates a predictable regulatory environment for cryptoasset trading, but it also places a significant burden on providers of such services who must ensure compliance with the regulation. However, MiCA also brings new opportunities for financial institutions such as banks and securities dealers who will be able to expand their business model to provide cryptoasset services. The upcoming discussion will also seek to answer these questions:

– What is the current state of the Slovak fintech ecosystem? 

– What can the government and other public institutions do to develop a competitive fintech environment?

– How to properly implement MiCA regulations to create favourable conditions for the growth of the crypto sector?  

– How to effectively use the NBS support tools (innovation hub, regulatory sandbox) in ensuring compliance with the current legislation?

– How to attract foreign fintech business to Slovakia?

– How can we create an attractive crypto environment in Slovakia? 


17:30 Registration and Networking in The Spot (7th floor)

17:45 National Bank of Slovakia (Presentation on latest Fintech & MiCa regulatory advancements that could boost the ecosystem)

18:20 Fintech Hub CEE / Juraj Kralik (How Fintech Hub disrupts and boosts the acceleration process for fintech companies in CEE)

18:35 Mastercard / Viktor Gresek / (Mastercard as an active participating partner during acceleration process)

18:50 Panel Discussion: How to boost fintech ecosystem in Slovakia

Moderators: Juraj Kralik & Jan Purkrabek


Peter Penzéš (Head of cryptoassets and innovation department, NBS)

Daniel Ďuriač (Head of regulation methodology at cryptoassets and innovation department, NBS)

Andrej Solár (Sparring)

Daniel Rajnoch (Founder and CEO, InvestBay)

20:00 Pizza and Networking



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